This is the Future Primaeval

It has not been apparent until now, but this is actually a group blog, composed of a small group of people with similar ideas which are very different from everyone else's. For various reasons, we've decided to leave our previous projects and start a new blog dedicated to theoretical and practical inquiry into lifestyle, politics, philosophy, and social science. Welcome.

As thinkers, most of us got our start in a community dedicated to the art of human rationality. There we crystallized our appreciation for reason, evidence, and awareness of one's own capabilities and limitations as a human thinker. We came to believe that there are better ways to think, and began to strive to train ourselves in them. We've since moved beyond that foundation, throwing out and replacing pieces of the philosophy as they were found faulty, placing a greater emphasis on political ideology and well-tuned intuitive judgement over feigned neutrality and formal methods. Still, the core commitment to sanity guides us.

In our studies, this commitment to sanity eventually came into conflict with the acceptable range of ideas on politics, social science, history, and lifestyle. The truth, we discovered, was generally ancient, harsh, inevitable, and to the extent that it impinges on the human political spectrum, very, very right wing. These are not the ideas that ingratiate one with the fashionable set, so we keep them to ourselves except among trusted friends or under the cover of anonymity, but our values demand that we face the truth, and speak it.

So this is The Future Primaeval; our attempt at unearthing, documenting, and integrating into our lifestyles and models of the world the timeless truth that lurks beyond history, that always comes back to collect from those who deny it, and that will shape the future of human civilization.

We will occasionally deal with matters traditionally called politics, such as the analysis of human institutions, contemporary social movements, and controversial hot topics, but make no mistake, we are not here to influence the next election or to have the King's opinions for him. Our ambitions are both bigger and smaller than that; to train in the difficult art of sanity, to develop and study the science and myth of human civilization, and to apply these insights to our own lives and domains, so that we may seek the favour and avoid the wrath of the Gods.

We will strive to be consistently clear, insightful, useful, and correct, if not always original or timely. We welcome serious criticism and pointers to things we may not have considered, so please do get in touch. Some of our previous work meets the purpose we've set for ourselves here, so it will be polished up and reposted in time. We hope that you will get as much out of reading this blog as we do writing it.